Renovation Tips To Make Your Room Look Bigger

renovation tips to make your room look bigger

Is your room too small for your needs? Do you need to make it look like it is bigger than what it is? Below are a few home renovation tips on how you can go about doing this.

1. Use More Lights.

Have you ever thought to use more lighting elements in your room? Don’t just rely on overhead fixtures. By using more lighting elements in your room, you are sure to make the room much more attractive than what it was.

2. Wall Paints.

Never use the same colors when it comes to painting your walls. Try and use a wide range of colors instead. All colors should come with plenty of detail and be very trim. If you are going to paint the ceiling, then be sure to use a color that is bright. A brightly colored ceiling will capture people’s attention easily. They will want to look upwards. The ceilings will also appear quite high.

3. Use Multi-Function Furniture.

Multi-function furniture is a fantastic way to create more space in a room. A great brand to use is the Ottoman’s brand. This brand provides a coffee table and extra seating that can be used all at once.

4. Have Some Empty Shelves.

Don’t be afraid to have a few empty shelves around. Empty shelves will help you to have a room that doesn’t have so much stuff in it. This will help provide more space.

5. Floors.

Consider getting a striped floor put into your room. These type of floors will make a room feel like it is going on and on and on.

6. Make The Most Of Curtains.

If you don’t have curtains already, please consider purchasing some. Blinds or sheer curtains are a great option. Whatever type of curtain or blinds you use, make sure that they go well with your walls.

7. The Use Of Mirrors.

Mirrors are fantastic. The reflections that come from them will help make a room look larger than what it should be. Don’t be scared to use as many mirrors as you can.

8. Uncover Windows.

Avoid keeping your windows covered up all the time. Leaving them uncovered will give extra depth to a room.

9. Fabrics And Rugs.

Fabrics and rugs will make the room more attractive. Always use fine prints or plain colors.

10. Use Larger Furniture.

Larger furniture will give much more space to a room than if you were to use lots of small furniture. Bedrooms should have large beds. Lounge rooms should have large sofas. Too many small pieces of furniture will only overcrowd a room.

11. Do Some Clear Outs.

Always do some clear outs during various times of the year. When doing clear outs, always get rid of items or other things if they have not been used within the last year. If you have not used them in the last year, chances are you will not use them again in the future.

12. Wall-To-Wall And Ceiling-To-Ceiling Bookshelves.

Consider creating and using a wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-ceiling bookshelf. Not only will the rooms ceiling appear higher, but you will have plenty of space for storage as well as for books.

13. Use Color Palettes.

If using a color palette, make sure it is both light and neutral. Using a light and neutral color palette will make your room appear bigger visually.

These are just a few tips on how you can make your room look bigger than what it is. Please give these a go sometime. You will be surprised at just how well they work.

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